At Talentain, we prefer staying away from the omnipresent term Human Resource. We believe that a resource is something that keeps getting used-up with every passing day and at one point loses its potential to be able to of any use. We prefer using the term Talent Management, for a human by design is an evolving being and the more he/she employs his/her passion, knowledge and skills, the more equipped he/she becomes and develops mastery over it.


This is precisely why the candidates prefer to stay with us for a longer period. We have a human connect that is beyond the superficial resource management where the performance is evaluated based on in-time and out-time.


Talent Engagement Program helps the new recruits with proper handholding throughout the initial days. As client’s recruitment representatives we work closely with their company objectives, expectations and the new recruits so that on-boarding becomes easier.

Elements of Talent Engagement Program

  • Employement

  • Need Base Training

  • Conducive Work Culture

  • In touch always

  • Loyalty

  • Holistic Growth

Talent Engagement Program


Every Talent that is recruited by Talentain under Rapid IT Staff augmentation or contract-to-hire program is an employee of Talentain from Day one


Every Talent receives relevant training – soft-skills as well as technical. Every Talent gets Insurance not only for himself/herself but also for his/her entire family


We understand talent better. Therefore, the right talent also gets placed at the client’s place where he/she will prosper. The culture of the client site matches with the personality of the talent


The recruitment agent is in touch with the talent on a regular basis and has a friendly connection with him/her


We have therefore consistently achieved a higher rate of candidate retention


Meditation camps and programs for every employee to cope-up with the challenges as well as to develop oneself into a more meaningful and purposeful being.