DS 8.1: Repository Migration to Oracle

Steps to be taken to the repository migrations from DB2 to Oracle are listed below. Please note the steps mentioned below are applicable on AIX platform.

  1. Take the backup of the projects on the current DataStage Environment.
  2. Take the back up of the important files: dsparams, uvodbc.ini, .odbc.ini, uvconfig, configuration files
  3. Uninstall Datastage
  4. Make sure Oracle is installed and setup properly.
  5. Make sure Datastage repository’s oracle user and schema are created properly using create_xmeta_db.cmd which should be available in the Oracle directly of the installables. One more things to note is – Oracle 11G is not officially supported with DS 8.1.
  6. Once the script is run, make sure the user creates for the repository from the Oracle script has create table and create view permission by manually logging into the Oracle database.
  7. Before you start the install make sure all executables have root as the owner and have 777 permissions. If not followed, sometimes the Datastage installation might fail in the WAS/IIS installation steps. The log files generated for the WAS/IIS would throw weird errors and some of them mention issues with inheriting the permissions.
  8. Start the installation with the install.exe. Follow the normal steps for the installation.
  9. During the installation you have to make sure the when provided the option “Metadata Repository” is unchecked. If this is done, then the repository will installed using default DB2 database. Once you uncheck this option, during the next steps, it would prompt for the Oracle connection.
  10. Create the required projects during the installation.
  11. Once the installation is done, follow the normal steps to create other logons in the WebSphere Admin console and assign the proper permissions.
  12. Then from the backups of taken of restore the files .odbc.ini, uvodbc.ini, dsparams and uvvonfig. If you want you can also restore these files only for section which you want.
  13. After the re-import the projects.
  14. The important thing to note when restarting the AIX box is –the Database is now Oracle, and WAS/IIS is not tightly coupled with Oracle. So during the machine reboot, if Oracle is not started automatically, you have to start it and then start the WAS/IIS. The best option is though to have script that starts up Oracle, WAS and then DS server. This script should be automated to run after reboot.

Author:  Kirtikumar Shinde <kirtikumar.shinde@talentain.com>