This makes recruiting of a top-notch executive a complex task. The routine checks and Q&A would fail to give the desired results. It requires a more matured matrix that takes into account not just the skills but also the ethics, principles, thought leadership, having the right influence, ability to become a role-model to the team and the market alike, execution prowess, public speaking and at times also be a team player.


Professional Communication

At Talentain, we work very closely with the client company founders, CXO’s, investors and other stakeholders to understand the mid to long-term mission and vision of the company. Through strong networking we reach the right prospect and initiate the first meeting.We understand and respect the confidentiality at client as well as the executive level.

They say that “Starting a company is simple, but building a company is hard and more complex”. Though the mid and primary level employees are slogging it out day and night, it takes the right leadership to give fruition to their struggle. And the team needs clear directions and motivations from their leadership/leadership team.