Today, the world is a local market and businesses need to adapt to the demanding customer needs from across the globe. The world is changing at a pace that one cannot afford to lose even a single day. Technology is evolving at an overwhelming pace and skill-sets become obsolete with every passing day. In such a scenario, recruiting a team, training them and making them productive requires time, patience and sweat – which often results into frustrations.

We at Talentain take utmost care and perform thorough background checks with prescreening technical probing and score sheet. However, you need not hire the candidate from day one. With “Contract to Hire” service, you can observe his/her performance for a period, set-out at the beginning of the contract, and only once happy can take the candidate on-board.

As the Talent Management company, we understand your concerns about the new recruits.

  • Whether they can fit into the culture of the company?

  • What would be their learning curve?

  • What if things don’t work out?

Salient Features


Trained Professionals
-Technology Specific
-Soft Skills


Productive from Day ONE


Scale up/down the staff quickly


Thorough handholding throughout the on-boarding process


Extremely cost-effective


Right fitment as per Company’s culture & values


Comprehensive Client Engagement Program


Candidate Engagement Program